Scale Your Startup! Application Open Call RAIN is now accepting applications for Scale Your Startup 2020. This series is a hands-on, 7-week, interactive program for founders of new startups or anyone with a business idea!

Offered in both in Linn and Benton counties, Scale Your Startup 2020 is designed to help anyone take a business idea from scratch and either “scale fast”‘ or “fail fast”! The target audience for this series includes early-stage startups, innovators, creators, and individuals with a business idea. If you have an existing business but are developing a new product/service idea, you are still invited to apply!

This is a FREE program. No cost to attend!

Applications are due by midnight on February 2nd!

Click the link below to learn more and apply!

BENTON COUNTY - Every Monday at 6:00 PM beginning February 10th. Workshops located at Peace Lutheran Church in Philomath

- Every Tuesday at 6:00 PM beginning February 11th. Workshops located at LBCC Lebanon Center in Lebanon

More info:

After successfully completing this course, participants are invited to attend a premiere graduation ceremony at the Oregon RAIN PitchFest 2020 on April 30th at the Boulder Falls Center in Lebanon, Oregon.

The event will feature startup pitches, investors, key-note speakers, government officials, and more. Entrepreneurs who successfully completed the course will be presented a certificate that can be used as evidence of training and traction when speaking to investors, lending programs, and applying to follow-on programs at Oregon RAIN and elsewhere.

Note: Entrepreneurs who complete the course, but determined that their business idea was not worth moving forward with, can still graduate from the series and participate in the festivities at PitchFest 2020. At Oregon RAIN, we celebrate “failure” and “lessons learned” just as much as business “success”!

If you have any questions, please contact Corey at [email protected]

We look forward to helping you Scale Your Startup!