Fail Fest 2020
"I failed my way to success." - Thomas Edison
Fail Fest
Innovation can’t exist without failure, so why not celebrate it?

Learning from your mistakes is an important part of success. Fail Fest is an event hosted by Indy Commons, in Independence, Oregon. At this event, you will hear from professionals with stories of how they turned their business failures into success. Join the fun of celebrating failures with speakers including Ryan Booth from Parallel 45 Brewing, Gilgamesh Brewing, and Mark Hand from Xiologix.

What is Indy Commons?
A great place to collaborate, get connected with resources, or just get things done.

Indy Commons provides an ideal work environment that offers affordable options, the flexibility of a short-term lease, and a place to work, collaborate, and connect with other professionals.  Members and non-members have access to educational opportunities and networking events to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business.  We support new and existing businesses with connections to resources and programming such as technical assistance, funding sources, training, and mentoring.

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