Emerging Technology Monthly Mixer

Artificial Intellegence, machine learning, and 3-D printing are the mantras of today but what are they? Most of what is being called “AI” today, particularly in the public sphere, is what has been called “Machine Learning” (ML) for the past several decades. The first 3-D printer was invented in the mid 1980's. Why all the buzz today and how does AI, ML & 3D impact us?

Please join us for montly mixers to meet, network, discuss, and learn about these "emerging" technologies. Let's learn about them, how they are being used, and what's going on in our region and community. 

Michael Jordan (not the basketball player) - Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley recently published on Medium an engaging article titled... 

Artificial Intelligence — The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet

In it he states...

"We have a major challenge on our hands in bringing together computers and humans in ways that enhance human life.

While this challenge is viewed by some as subservient to the creation of “artificial intelligence,” it can also be viewed more prosaically — but with no less reverence — as the creation of a new branch of engineering. Much like civil engineering and chemical engineering in decades past, this new discipline aims to corral the power of a few key ideas, bringing new resources and capabilities to people, and doing so safely. Whereas civil engineering and chemical engineering were built on physics and chemistry, this new engineering discipline will be built on ideas that the preceding century gave substance to — ideas such as “information,” “algorithm,” “data,” “uncertainty,” “computing,” “inference,” and “optimization.” Moreover, since much of the focus of the new discipline will be on data from and about humans, its development will require perspectives from the social sciences and humanities."