Pitchfork - Food and Beverage on Tap

Please join us for Pitchfork - Food and Beverage on Tap where we'll be talking business around all things food and beverage.

Come meet Tuula Perry - Founder of Mother Culture and Maker of Jun.

Tuula Perry is all in on Jun (rhymes with hoon) and that’s not a spelling error. Jun is the mystery drink that’s “Better Than Kombucha.” Tuula recently launched Mother Culture, a Corvallis based purveyor of wild honey crafted tonics and is creating her products at the new Pitchfork Incubator Kitchen while working with the Pitchfork team and LBCC SBDC.

There will be...

If you're trying to start a food or beverage business in the area, Pitchfork events are the best place to connect with like-minded folks. 

The event starts with networking, getting to know each other, and making contacts. We move to our guest presentation and follow that up with anyone that want's to pitch their business idea or actual business and end with more networking all tied around food and drink.

Are you looking for shared commercial kitchen space? You can apply to Pitchfork Incubator Kitchen here >>

There is no charge for this event but we do ask that you RSVP by clicking the ticket button. These events are kid friendly, with activites in the conference room.

If you need ADA access, please email us at [email protected] so we can accomidate you.